F5 Distributed Cloud App Infrastructure Protection

Secure your modern apps and the cloud-native infrastructure they run on with high-efficacy threat detection

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Comprehensive Cybersecurity Across Your Cloud-Native Workloads

Modern applications are only as secure as the cloud-native infrastructure they run on. Arm your environment with high-efficacy risk and intrusion detection for your cloud-native workloads. Distributed Cloud App Infrastructure Protection (AIP) combines massive telemetry collection with rules and machine learning to detect threats and vulnerabilities in real time across your entire infrastructure stack.

  • Telemetry Collection - We collect 60 billion events daily across your environment, including cloud management consoles, hosts, containers, Kubernetes, and applications.
  • Configurable Ruleset - Our built-in and customizable ruleset surfaces known threats that hit your business and supports compliance requirements.
  • ThreatML with Supervised Learning - Labeled data from the rules classifies events and allows you to make accurate predictions on events—surfacing unknown and unpredictable threats.

Our in-house cloud cybersecurity experts can support your daily security operations and help monitor your cloud environment on a 24/7/365 basis. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) team can detect risks, vulnerabilities, and anomalies, as well as triage high-severity issues, investigate alerts on your behalf, and provide relevant context and remediation recommendations, providing you expert support while saving resources.

  • Distributed Cloud AIP Managed Security Services - You’ll have access to a dedicated team of in-house cloud security experts with the collective knowledge of monitoring hundreds of cloud environments.
  • Distributed Cloud AIP Insights - All the benefits of Distributed Cloud AIP Managed Security Services, plus custom platform analytics and ongoing coaching to help you build a cloud SecOps strategy and reduce infrastructure risk.

Running apps and APIs on cloud-native infrastructure increases the threat surface of your environment. We combine the in-line application and API security from F5 Distributed Cloud Web App and API Protection (WAAP) with Distributed Cloud AIP to give customers a comprehensive view of cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities that span both applications and APIs and the cloud-native infrastructure they run on.

  • Vulnerability tracking - Vulnerabilities and misconfigurations at the infrastructure level leave apps open to internal/external attacks. Distributed Cloud AIP protects against them. 
  • Support remediation - Inform action from Distributed Cloud AIP to Distributed Cloud WAAP for minimal impact to running applications.
  • Operational Efficiency - Simplify operations associated with providing comprehensive security coverage across the entire environment.

Product Overview

Securing cloud native infrastructure

Highly dynamic cloud-native infrastructure requires more than fragmented cybersecurity. Distributed Cloud AIP collects telemetry from your cloud workloads, whether at the cloud management console level or in Kubernetes, then leverages our rules and supervised learning, allowing you to analyze for your needs, such as intrusion detection, vulnerability assessments, or file integrity monitoring.

Core Capabilities

Our cybersecurity solution starts with data-gathering telemetry automation to label, categorize, and generate rulesets. These form the first threat detection filter, and the basis for machine-learning detection-in-depth to surface high-efficacy, actionable alerts in context.

Cloud Management Console Monitoring

Learn your attack surface and manage risk across cloud instances

Vulnerability Assessment

Detect and remediate your high priority vulns

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

Continuous monitoring with context needed to take immediate action

Host-based Intrusion Detection (HIDS)

Contextualize your events and surface priority alerts

Container Security

Uncover security risks across containers, Kubernetes

Threat Intelligence Correlation

Leverage data from Distributed Cloud AIP Insights to understand outside risks to your organization

Platform Support and Integrations

Connecting to preferred cybersecurity remediation tools

Distributed Cloud AIP connects to your preferred security remediation tools, such as SOAR or SIEM platforms, ChatOps Workflows, webhooks, and APIs, making your security transition quick and accurate.

DevOps configuration Management tool integrations

Integrate with key configuration management tools including Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and Salt for frictionless and rapid agent deployment.