BIG-IP Next Service Communication Proxy (SCP) for 5G

Simplify your 5G standalone  network with BIG-IP Next SCP, which provides critical signaling control and traffic management—along with security and network visibility.

Use Cases

Building on F5’s 3G and 4G signaling experience, BIG-IP Next SCP provides a central point for signaling communication, visibility, and security within the 5G Core. It simplifies and optimizes the mesh network between network functions (NF)—and bridges 4G and 5G signaling for faster 5G services delivery.

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Dynamic Routing and Load Balancing

Optimize 5G signaling with real-time load balancing for flow and overload control across 5G NFs.

Simplified 5G SBA Network Mesh

Simplify mesh connectivity complexity with zero-touch configuration intelligent routing.

Multi-Vendor Integration

Support network scalability in any environment through integration with different vendors. 

Interworking of 4G and 5G Signaling

Get faster 5G service availability with seamless network transition from 4G to 5G.

How It Works

The BIG-IP Next SCP Cloud-Native Network Function (CNF) can be flexibly deployed on Kubernetes cloud-native infrastructure to give service providers a central point to secure and control signaling communication and monitor the health of the system.

BIG-IP Next SCP Plus

Beyond SCP, SCP Plus adds functionalities to the 3GPP standards-based SCP, such as the interworking function to bridge 4G and 5G signaling across multiple domains and provide a secure feed to external monitoring solutions.

Product Benefits


Flexible user-based routing selection

Optimizes the UDM/PCF/UDR network resource by offloading 5G NFs routing selection.


Congestion control

Delivers real-time dynamic congestion control, load balancing, and overload protection.


SBA communication security

Provides mTLS based encryption for all SBA communication.



Offers end-to-end visibility and API interoperability for a multi-vendor environment.


Onion model security

Deploy several BIG-IP Next SCPs in the 5G Core to create multiple security zones each with its own SCP.


Solution Overview

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