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Modern App Delivery Sets Stage for Digital Business Success

App delivery and security needs to be incorporated into the design process, rather than viewed as individual component decisions to be made after the fact, or businesses risk eliciting poor digital experiences.

Secure Multi-Cloud Networking: The Key to Hybrid, Multi-Cloud, and Edge Success

F5 is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive solution for secure multi-cloud networking that connects both cloud locations and the actual applications that reside in them.

Multi-Cloud Networking: Challenges and Opportunities

F5 knew it couldn’t approach a multi-cloud world with a legacy mindset. And because our customers' digital journeys involve the evolution from traditional data centers to cloud to edge architectures, we meet them where they are and invest in the capabilities that will give them the resilience and agility to grow with confidence.

7 Considerations When Building an App Delivery Strategy

In pursuing an application delivery strategy, most folks typically have a goal in mind. But the steps to achieve that goal can be numerous, shifting, and expensive. While short of exhaustive, here are seven tips to consider to help guide decision making.

More ADC Licensing Options with F5’s Flexible Consumption Models

Recently, there has been a move to offer a subscription-only model for Application Delivery Controller (ADC) offerings in the marketplace. While that might be advantageous to some buyers, F5 believes that the best way to serve our diverse portfolio of customers is to offer a breadth of licensing options to support all different types of customer networking and acquisition requirements.

Enable Your BIG-IP 17.1 with Defense Against Sophisticated Attacks and Data Theft

The new F5 Distributed Cloud connectors for BIG-IP 17.1 enable customers to easily apply cloud-based security services to application interactions directly within the BIG-IP administrative console. These security services enable application owners and security personnel to leverage market-leading anti-fraud and malicious bot security, enhancing the protections for their applications and data from automated attacks.

State of App Strategy 2023: Cost and Complexity Top Drivers of Multi-Cloud Networking

Multi-cloud networking solutions spur excitement in the industry with seamless and secure interconnection solutions across core, cloud, and edge, as it looks to solve the challenges of today's hybrid IT.

A New Approach to Login Authentication—Without Fire Hydrant Puzzles

CAPTCHA and MFA defenses often introduce substantial friction to the customer journey, cutting into business revenue and irritating users. As consumers increasingly expect fast, seamless interactions and experiences, e-commerce merchants need a smarter, more personalized approach to allow customers to login safely.

A Journey to Gender Parity: Empowering Women in Cybersecurity Q&A

International Women’s Day is a global day dedicated to celebrating the many achievements of women and accelerating gender parity. Rachael Shah's Q&A with Navpreet Gill focuses on the importance of continuing to empower women in cybersecurity.