F5 Distributed Cloud DNS

Simplify DNS management with cloud-native automation

F5 Distributed Cloud DNS ensures high performance and availability of your apps. Pay for what you use, scale on demand.

Cloud-Based Primary and Secondary DNS

F5 Distributed Cloud DNS provides primary and secondary deployment options, while boosting the global performance and resilience of applications across multiple clouds and availability zones.

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Achieving a high-performance, responsive application experience requires consistent, scalable DNS resolution. F5 Distributed Cloud DNS helps overcome these challenges while improving app security and more.

DNS is time-consuming to deploy and manage

Deploying and managing DNS for apps distributed across on-premises and cloud environments can be complicated and time-consuming.

Inability to scale

Many on-premises DNS solutions cannot scale quickly enough to support global deployments.

Difficult to secure applications

DNS zones are vulnerable to distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and malware. 

No CI/CD workflow integration

DevOps agility is impacted by their inability to integrate DNS into CI/CD pipelines.

Lack of redundancy

Many organizations have no secondary DNS and thus no automatic failover in case of primary DNS failure.

Why Distributed Cloud DNS?

Easy deployment and streamlined management

Easily provision DNS with a few clicks and begin responding to queries in minutes.

Flexibility and scale

Scale deployments for any quantity of apps, query volumes, or traffic spikes globally using either the UI or API.

Best-in-class security

Get built-in DDoS protection, automatic failover, transaction signature (TSIG) authentication, and DNS security extensions (DNSSEC).

Accelerated release velocity

Integrate DNS into CI/CD pipelines using REST-based declarative APIs.

Increased resilience

Ensure high availability of your DNS environments with seamless failover to F5 Distributed Cloud Services.

Key Capabilities

Global Presence

Built on a high-performance global anycast network to provide highly available and responsive DNS from our global points of presence (PoPs).

High Availability

Built-in redundancy makes your system available even with primary failures.

Native API Support

Automate services with declarative APIs in addition to an intuitive GUI.


Automatically scales to respond to large query volumes without manual intervention.

Multi-Layer Security

Get dynamic security with automatic failover, built-in DDoS protection, DNSSEC, and TSIG authentication.


Deploy and secure applications anywhere. Built on a global data plane to enable deployment and management of DNS and app protection regardless of where your apps are located.

Utility-Based Pricing

Pay only for what you use. Consumption-based pricing is determined by the number of domains or zones.

Experience and Support

99.9% service guarantees with premium 24x7 technical support.

Distributed Cloud DNS Use Cases

Deploy either in a primary or secondary DNS scenario, simplifying DNS management and security while easing the burden on your operations and development teams.

Primary DNS

Get top performance from a geo-distributed, secure cloud network.

Secondary DNS

Reduce primary load and improve business continuity. Redundancy occurs in case of primary failure, with zero-touch failover in disaster recovery scenarios.




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