BIG-IP Next Service Proxy for Kubernetes

Designed for service providers, BIG-IP Next SPK provides a single point of ingress/egress networking and security and supports the 4G to 5G transition

Use Cases

BIG-IP Next SPK is unique in bringing critical network capabilities to a Kubernetes environment, meeting the demands of a service provider network. It supports ingress/egress control for 4G and 5G signaling while adding needed security and visibility to help your transition to a 5G architecture.

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Advanced Web Application Firewall

5G Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Signaling control and visibility


Advanced Web Application Firewall

Multi-Protocol 4G and 5G Signaling

Support for 4G and 5G architectures


Advanced Web Application Firewall

Visibility for Edge Deployments

Enterprise app traffic management


Advanced Web Application Firewall

Cloud Infrastructure Security

Protection for network functions


How it Works

BIG-IP Next SPK can be deployed as a Kubernetes resource within each cluster, supporting signaling traffic management, load balancing, and security between nodes, becoming part of the Kubernetes orchestration environment.

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Kubernetes That Works for Service Providers

Service Providers are using Kubernetes for their 5G packet cores, but Kubernetes wasn’t designed for telco protocols and legacy interfaces.

Product Features

Kubernetes Ingress and Egress control

A single point of networking and security for Kubernetes, architected for service provider networks

Multi-Protocol 4G and 5G Signaling Control

Telco network functions using telco protocols—L4 (TCP, UDP, SCTP) and L7 (Diameter, SIP, HTTP/2)

Traffic Security

Single point of networking for the Kubernetes cluster reduces the attack surface, improving security

Automation and Agility

BIG-IP Next SPK embraces Kubernetes patterns and can be orchestrated and configured by Kubernetes


Statistics and analytics for revenue assurance




5G Makes a Cloud-Native Application Architecture Vital

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Combine BIG-IP Next SPK with Cloud-Native Network Functions (CNFs)

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Accelerate Your Journey to 5G

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Use case


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