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F5 Distributed Cloud Aggregator Management

Gain the Benefit of Data Aggregators without the Risk

Mitigate the potential security and fraud risks posed by aggregators, while harnessing the power of open banking to innovate and drive revenue growth.

Manage Aggregator Traffic

Aggregators provide value-added services that improve the overall customer experience for financial institutions (FIs). However, aggregators can use valid credentials to scrape compliant data and bad actors can use aggregators as a vector for account takeover. FIs need a way to manage aggregator traffic and mitigate risk.

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Consumers enjoy the simplified user experiences and value-added services provided by financial service aggregators. However, aggregators pose risks to FIs and their customers.

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Lack of visibility into aggregator traffic

Parsing aggregator traffic is difficult; most FIs are blind to aggregator usage among their customer base.

Account Takeover

Bad actors can exploit aggregators and use them as a vector for account takeover (ATO).

Data protection compliance

Aggregators can exploit their privileged levels of access to scrape sensitive customer data.

Unexpected traffic spikes

Websites and APIs are vulnerable to runaway scripts or abusive aggregators that overload infrastructure.

Why Distributed Cloud Aggregator Management?

Increased visibility

Establish a baseline to understand all traffic and label traffic as human, automated, or aggregator.

Attack prevention

Block attacks from malicious actors posing as legitimate aggregators and prevent credential stuffing.

Access policy enforcement

Ensure aggregators can only access data via authorized channels and under pre-defined limits.

Platform Overview

Securely enable customers to utilize financial aggregators while managing risk

Distributed Cloud Aggregator Management is a managed service that enables organizations to leverage the benefits of aggregators without the risk. Combining intelligence from a global network of known aggregators from the world’s top financial services firms and the power of our rules-assisted machine learning engine, high performance AI, and team of data scientists, we continually monitor aggregator traffic and take corrective actions to ensure aggregators adhere to agreed-upon usage policies.

CNF Design Overview

Authentication visibility

Labels all login attempts as human, automated, or aggregator.

Credential stuffing protection

Detects when attackers are credential stuffing through an aggregator.

Least privilege access

Enforces adherence to access policies required by aggregator.

Anomaly detection

Alerts FIs and aggregators when attacker frameworks have been detected.

Distributed Cloud Aggregator Management Use Cases

Give your customers full access to their data—anywhere, anytime, and through the apps they choose—while also protecting against credential stuffing and ATO risks.

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Aggregator Detection

Telemetry models behavior, determines intent, maintains profiles.

Aggregator Identifiers

IPs, ASNs, headers, user agents, user cohort and device mapping.


Universal policy management, plus AI and human intelligence.

Contract Enforcement

Enforce volume and data access limits and report on violations.

Aggregator Reporting

Detailed aggregator traffic analysis and dashboarding.

Ways to Deploy

Distributed Cloud Aggregator Management is a cloud-managed service that leverages and extends the capabilities of Distributed Cloud Bot Defense to manage the unique security and fraud risks posed by aggregators, while enabling consumers to experience the value aggregators provide. Distributed Cloud Aggregator Management can be deployed on-premises, in a managed cloud, or in the F5 cloud.


Deploy as a part of our Enterprise Defense solution as reverse proxy in your datacenter.

Managed cloud

Deploy as part of our Enterprise Defense solution as a reverse proxy in a managed public cloud environment.

F5 Cloud

Deploy as part of our Enterprise Defense solution as a reverse proxy in our cloud.




Gain the Benefits of Aggregators without the Risk

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