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F5 Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence

Improve customer security and reduce friction

Increase topline digital revenue and improve customer experience by eliminating login friction for legitimate returning consumers.

Safely Authenticate Customers

Customers demand seamless and secure experiences, yet they’re constantly under threat from bad actors looking to steal data or commit fraud. Organizations need solutions that will help them safely reduce login friction, extend sessions, and help them personalize customer journeys.

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In today’s competitive markets, security is under pressure to enable the business while still protecting against threats. In order to accept less friction, security leaders need assurance that security risk and fraud will not increase.

Increased trust concerns

Bad actors exploit stolen credentials to impersonate regular users and access their accounts in order to conduct fraud and theft. 

MFA friction

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is used to control for stolen credentials and identity theft, but it can be bypassed and causes friction to customers.

Session limits

Session limits are another control to limit fraud and theft, but they create poor customer experiences and increase abandonment. 

Personalization challenges

Traditional tracking methods used for personalization, like third-party cookies, are at odds with privacy concerns. 

Support costs

Password resets and struggles with MFA are not only poor customer experiences, but also put strain on support resources.

Why Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence?

Improve customer experience

Save customers from re-authentication distress and streamline their journey in a secure way.

Increase revenue

Increase topline revenue by reducing customer abandonment without opening the door to more fraud.

Improve loyalty

Increase repeat customer share of wallet, and improve login rates vs. guest checkouts.

Lower support costs

Reduce the amount of authentication related support tickets.

Platform Overview

Identify returning known good users of your website in real time through the power of machine learning and analytic insights

Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence combines a sophisticated obfuscation architecture, powerful artificial intelligence, and a world class data science team to model good human behavior and produce contextual device identification. Diverse and unique telemetry goes through a high efficacy identity and risk engine, with intelligence that spans across enterprises.

Distributed Cloud Authentication Ontelligence Diagram

Data privacy

Increase customer security and improve data privacy.

Improve CX

Lower manual login friction.

Drive revenue

Increase top-line revenue.

Lower costs

Reduce support costs.

Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence Use Cases

Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence separates good users from malicious traffic. Using a network of globalized signals from billions of daily transactions, our platform combines powerful AI, precision ML, and human intelligence to detect fraud, detect multiple users on one device, determine intent, and maintain a globalized historical profile.

Enable Frictionless Authentication

Widely used authentication methods can be bypassed and they frustrate customers.

Non-PII Client Signals Collected and Utilized

Our signal telemetry is diverse and unique, and uses scalpel-like precision to identify devices and their environment, detect if a single device has multiple users, and track behavior.

Proven Obfuscation Architecture at All Layers

Attackers fear us because they can’t circumvent our unique, advanced obfuscation that adapts in real time to stop manipulation of analysis.  

Networked Fraud Detection

Using a networked security approach and sophisticated AI fraud detection, devices are checked against a historical database of known fraud violators.

Our Architecture is API Open, Ready, and Code-able

Our platform is driven by APIs at all consumable componentry levels, giving power to your DevOps, Infra and Engineering teams.

Augmented ML and AI with Humans in the Loop at Web-Scale

Our data science team has unique tools, telemetry, and systems at their fingertips that allow them to operate at web-scale and manage billions of transactions weekly.

Ways to Deploy

You have the flexibility to deploy Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence in multiple ways depending on whether you are a new or an existing F5 or Shape Security customer.

JavaScript injection

Can be inserted via JavaScript by the method of your choice (e.g., tag manager, code update, app server, CDN, or load balancer).

F5 BIG-IP Enterprise

Existing Big-IP customers can insert into their iApp configuration as first party script.

Bot Defense

Existing Distributed Cloud Bot Defense customers can insert via reverse proxy.

Adobe Commerce

Existing Big-IP customers can insert into their iApp configuration as first party script.

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F5 Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence

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