BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager

Protect your network against incoming threats, including massive and complex DDoS attacks with BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM).

Secure Your Network from Core to Edge

Obtain consistent security and actionable visibility

Obtain consistent security and actionable visibility

BIG-IP AFM is a core component of F5’s application protection solutions, which combine four key security elements: firewall, DDoS mitigation, DNS security, and application Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS). These solutions can be consolidated onto a single BIG-IP platform, reducing management complexity and overhead, while offering superior performance and scalability.

  • Consistent Protection for Containerized Applications - Protect container-based applications regardless of platform or location with attack detection and mitigation services to mitigate attacks and risks. .
  • Actionable Reporting and Visibility - Easily understand your security status with rich telemetry that can be customizable into reports and charts to provide insight to all event types and enable effective forensic analysis.

Product Overview

Diagram - F5 Data Center Firewall

Defending the network core to edge and protecting your services

BIG-IP AFM is a high-performance, full-proxy network security solution designed to protect networks and data centers against incoming threats that enter the network on the most widely deployed protocols. This product’s unique application-centric design enables greater effectiveness in guarding against targeted network infrastructure-level attacks. Additionally, with BIG-IP AFM, organizations receive protection from more than 100 attack signatures—more hardware-based signatures than any other leading firewall vendor—along with unsurpassed programmability, interoperability, and visibility into threat conditions.

BIG-IP appliances and VIPRION platforms deliver quick and easy programmability, multi-vendor service orchestration, software-defined hardware, and line-rate performance.

F5 application services work exactly the same way in the public and private cloud as they do in the data center. CNF and VNF options available.

BIG-IP virtual editions have the same features as those that run on F5 purpose-built hardware—and you can deploy them on any leading hypervisor or select cloud providers.

Core Capabilities

Unifies application configuration with network security policy for tighter enforcement

Identifies and mitigates network, protocol, DNS threats, before they reach critical data center resources

Supports SNMP, SIP, DNS, IPFIX collectors, and protects log servers from being overwhelmed

Protects data center resources with purpose-built defenses augmented by F5 threat data

Uniquely controls operations in the SSH channel by acting as a man-in-the-middle SSH proxy

Defends your network infrastructure and mobile subscribers from attacks such as DDoS

Mitigates sophisticated zero-day threats or gather critical forensics using F5 iRules

Understands traffic patterns into the data center with customizable reports and analytics



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With its unmatched subscriber aggregation capacity, BIG-IP AFM helps you protect networks and subscribers. That means you can consolidate your network infrastructure and control costs—without compromising flexibility.