BIG-IP Virtual Edition

Combine the power of the BIG-IP platform with the convenience and agility of the public or private cloud. You get the same advanced F5 app services, delivered how and where you need them.

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Advanced Application Services for Any Cloud Environment

Advanced application and API protection - Advanced WAF

Advanced application and API protection: Advanced WAF

Advanced WAF redefines application security to address the most prevalent threats facing organizations today, including automated bot attacks that overwhelm existing security solutions, web attacks that steal credentials and gain unauthorized access to user accounts, and app-layer attacks that evade static security based on reputation and manual signatures.

  • Proactive Bot Defense - Protect apps from automated attacks from bots and other malicious tools.
  • App-layer (L7) DoS - Leverage behavioral analytics and machine learning to detect and mitigate L7 DoS attacks before they impact your apps.
  • API Protection - Deploy tools that provide comprehensive security for REST/JSON, XML, and GWT APIs.

Infrastructure and DDoS protection - BIG-IP AFM

Infrastructure and DDoS protection: BIG-IP AFM

BIG-IP AFM is a high-performance, full-proxy network security solution designed to protect networks and data centers from aggressive DDoS and protocol attacks before they overwhelm and degrade services.

  • Network protection - Identify and mitigate network, protocol, and DNS threats before they reach critical resources.
  • DDoS mitigation - Thwart volumetric DDoS attacks before they impact users’ ability to interact with applications.
  • High-volume logging controls - Support SNMP, SIP, DNS and IPFIX collectors while protecting log servers from being overwhelmed.

Product Overview

BIG-IP Virtual Edition diagram

BIG-IP VE is the most performant, trusted and widely supported vADC available on the market.

BIG-IP Virtual Edition is the industry’s most scalable virtual application delivery controller, facilitating high-performance application delivery and security processing across all leading hypervisors and cloud platforms. BIG-IP VE supports the same market-leading app services suite as physical BIG-IP appliances, enabling configurations and policies to be replicated, reused, and centrally managed anywhere within your multi-cloud ecosystem.

Deploy VE on all leading public cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Deploy VE atop VMware, KVM and Hyper-V hypervisors in your private cloud environment, whether it’s on-premises or in a colocation facility.

Core Benefits

When you need to move faster than hardware allows, BIG-IP Virtual Editions deliver the app services you need in a more agile and flexible form factor.

App services consistency wherever your apps are deployed.

Scale to meet the needs of your most in-demand applications.

Quickly spin up additional VE instances whenever needed.

Automate BIG-IP VE deployments in the cloud with F5 Cloud Solution Templates.

Improve performance for CPU-intensive use cases via hardware offload.

Comply with industry standards such as FIPS 140-2/3 and Common Criteria.

Consume via subscription, pay-as-you-go, Flex-Consumption Program (FCP) or perpetual licensing.

Platform Support and Integrations

Supported public and private clouds

BIG-IP VE is supported in more cloud environments than any other vADC on the market, allowing you to take your application services with you wherever you and your apps are going.

Hardware offload integrations

Offload compute-intensive functions such as DDoS mitigation, CGNAT and cryptographic processing to powerful Intel components to significantly improve performance and alleviate strain on VE compute resources.

FIPS 140-2 L2/L3 compliance using Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

BIG-IP VE is supported in more cloud environments than any other vADC on the market, allowing you to take your application services with you wherever you and your apps are going.