BIG-IP Policy Enforcement Manager (PEM)

Improve network performance through effective policy management.

What Can BIG-IP PEM Do for You?

Drive revenue with new services

Drive revenue with new services

Implement services based on subscriber level according to plan, location, and device. In addition to recognizing who should access what and when, you’ll be able to gather data with network visibility. Create relevant plan tiers and offer new, over-the-top services based on user behavior patterns, then use BIG-IP PEM to enforce those plans and services.

Increase network efficiency

Increase network efficiency

Today, most video that users watch is encrypted ABR video. BIG-IP PEM allows you to detect Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) video and control the network resources it consumes—especially premium RAN resources. This provides the ability to optimize the network and increase network resource savings while maintaining subscriber quality of experience.

Product Overview

Diagram illustrating the BIG-IP Policy Enforcement Manager (PEM)

BIG-IP PEM performs subscriber identification via RADIUS and DHCP, discovering information such as IP address, IMSI, and username. When correlated with application flow information, this allows for deeper understanding of the type of applications and services subscribers are using and how they’re being used.

Core Capabilities

BIG-IP PEM enables service providers to optimize and monetize the network with flexible, context-aware policy enforcement.

Dynamically manage video streams—TCP or UDP, encrypted or unencrypted.

Identify which applications subscribers are using and how they’re using them.

Enable new services and optimize network performance with layer 4–7 intelligent traffic steering.

Provide bandwidth control and priority precedence with subscriber and application granularity.

Protect your network and simplify compliance processes with customized URL filtering policies.

Append HTTP headers with information such as IMSI, and IP address, providing further subscriber awareness for a more personalized experience.

For visibility into data, export an extensive set of application data statistics.

Integrate with PCRF and OCS for real-time credit control and quota management for subscribers.



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This session will illustrate how F5 can help Service Providers, both fixed and mobile, resolve the challenge of relying on Intelligent ABR Video Detection and Control capabilities.

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