Scale Application Delivery with the F5 rSeries Appliance

F5 rSeries is a rearchitected, next-generation hardware platform that scales application delivery performance and automates application services to address many of today’s most critical business challenges.

Use Cases

The F5 rSeries appliance automates app services, implements advanced application security, and enables you to future-proof your IT infrastructure.

Lower Costs with a Modern ADC Design

F5 rSeries delivers the unprecedented level of performance and protection your critical applications and network deployments require. Designed on a new microservices-based platform layer and an API-first architecture, rSeries enables consolidation for lower costs and reduced TCO across your infrastructure.

Increase Application Delivery and Service Velocity

The growth and complexity of app services and application attacks are challenging IT’s ability to manage application traffic, secure infrastructure, and meet the needs of customers. With F5 rSeries, a next-gen platform architecture with up to 100% performance growth, you can future-proof your application delivery infrastructure and increase service velocity.

Automation Leads to Rapid Deployment

The F5 Automation Toolchain on the rSeries platform makes it easy for customers to deploy and configure F5 application services via simple, yet powerful declarative interfaces. With a fully automatable architecture, customers see lower staffing costs by increasing process efficiency and reducing time spent on manual tasks.

Protect Critical Data with Industry Leading SSL Performance

A new revolution in the rSeries platform design balances performance, scalability, and security, enabling IT to offload SSL processing up to 3x overall and deploy comprehensive application delivery and security services anywhere.

How rSeries Works

F5 rSeries is a next-generation hardware platform that delivers a highly scalable, microservices-based architecture to power your mission-critical applications and network deployments. These high-performance appliances include modern FPGAs to enable industry-leading SSL offloading and hardware-based support for elliptical curve cryptography (ECC) ciphers in a 1 RU form factor. With powerful L7 request-per-second (RPS) performance, rSeries enables consolidation of multiple services on a single device and provides increased density of high-speed ports per rack unit.

Whether you’re a large enterprise or small to medium-sized business, rSeries allows you to scale up or scale down CPU usage depending on your performance requirements.

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BIG-IP rSeries

Product Benefits



Consolidate your application delivery and security environment and lower your TCO.



Enhance automation to rapidly deploy critical applications, streamline IT costs, and reduce your time to market.



F5 rSeries provides up to twice the level of previous appliance model performance and consolidates many application services on one platform.



Offload SSL processing, deploy application delivery and security services anywhere, and protect your applications against the most prevalent attacks.

F5 BIG-IQ Centralized Management

Manage all your rSeries devices from one place. BIG-IQ Centralized Management provides a central point of control for F5 physical and virtual devices. It simplifies management, helps ensure compliance, and gives you the tools you need to deliver your applications securely and effectively.

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