Access Control and Authorization

Decrease the complexity of corporate application access and protect your apps and users from attacks.

Why Access Control and Authorization Matters

With users connecting from various locations and devices, and applications in multiple environments, organizations need a new secure access approach to prevent data breaches and increase user productivity.

F5 has developed best practices for secure access solutions to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers. Whether you need to quickly scale and secure your remote access solution or accelerate your zero trust application access plans, F5 can help.

Explore Access Control and Authorization Solutions

Diagram - Extend Access through Azure AD

Extend Access through Azure AD

With native integration, F5 and Microsoft Azure Active Directory provide simple, secure, and context-aware application access for all applications in a single-pane-of-glass view, regardless of where the app resides. This enhances user experience and productivity while reducing access-management costs.

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Diagram - Single Sign-On

API Security

F5 solutions protect APIs across the entire enterprise portfolio with effective and consistent security that mitigates vulnerability exploits, bots and abuse, and risk from third-party integrations across clouds and architectures.

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Diagram - SSL VPN


The F5 VPN solution offers end-to-end encryption and granular customization in authentication and access to individual apps, networks, or other resources. You can also inspect client or endpoint health that affects access policy decisions. The solution’s flexibility makes it more than a simple VPN.

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