F5 Rapid Start System

A cloud-native, full stack software platform delivering high performance, low latency app services for demanding workloads

F5 Rapid Start System for Data Center, N6/Gi-LAN, and Edge

Security and traffic management for demanding workloads

Security and traffic management for demanding workloads

F5 Rapid Start System protects apps and infrastructure against malicious threats using the BIG-IP security suite, including BIG-IP WAF, BIG-IP AFM and more. Performance of resource-intensive security and traffic management functions such as DDoS mitigation SSL/TLS cryptoprocessing and CGNAT are augmented using the latest hardware offload technologies—including FPGAs and SmartNICs.

  • BIG-IP Product Family L4-L7 Security Suite Deploy industry-leading app services, including BIG-IP LTM, BIG-IP DNS, BIG-IP APM, BIG-IP AFM, BIG-IP Advanced WAF, BIG-IP CGNAT and BIG-IP PEM
  • Boost Performance via Hardware Offload Employ hardware offload to improve performance on CPU-intensive functions like DDoS mitigation and SSL/TLS crypto processing
  • Reduce Latency with SmartNIC SmartNIC offload achieves ultra-low (<5μs) latency to accelerate live video streaming, financial trading transactions, and more

Product Overview

High-Performance Software

F5 Rapid Start System is a production-ready, full-stack solution with BIG-IP VE software, enterprise hypervisor, COTS server, SmartNIC cards, and FPGAs. F5 Rapid Start System handles data throughput of up to 300Gbps with industry-leading software performance to support demanding application environments.

Load balancing, traffic steering, programmatic traffic manipulation, and policy enforcement ensures high availability of applications for end users

Transparently provides IPv4 and IPv6 network address translation at scale in addition to high-speed logging capabilities

Protect data center and edge networks against incoming threats, including the most massive and complex DDoS attacks

Decrypt and gain visibility into all encrypted traffic to identify and defend against malicious payloads

Core Capabilities

Accelerate deployment, boost performance, and reduce latency with the F5 Rapid Start System.

Boost performance on key functions with smartNICs

Improve cryptographic processing up to 200%

Shorten packet processing time to 3–5 microseconds

Up to 300Gbps of L4 throughput in a 1U appliance

Easily deploy the BIG-IP product family.

Easy setup with F5 BIG-IP Automation Toolchain APIs

Visibility and centralized management with BIG-IQ

Platform Support and Integrations

Server vendor partner

Dell PowerEdge servers form the foundation of F5 Rapid Start System, providing the computational resources required to achieve optimal BIG-IP VE performance.

Hypervisor partner

F5 Rapid Start System is hosted on a KVM hypervisor that has been configured for high performance by F5 experts.

Hardware offload component integrations

Intel SmartNICs and Quick Assist Technology (QAT) are integrated within F5 Rapid Start System enabling offloading of resource intensive functions from BIG-IP VE to boost system performance




Consolidating and virtualizing your S/Gi-LAN/N6 services can result in up to a 60% reduction in CapEx and OpEx while boosting performance and lowering latency

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